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Our mission is to change the course of wellness in Listowel and the surrounding communities, by maximizing health and inspiring others to do the same.

Decreased Stiffness


Energy & Immunity

Back Pain Relief

Gentle & Specific


Arthritis Joint 

Pain Relief

Headache & Migraine Relief


Enhanced Tissue Healing

Custom Orthotics


(Activator) Adjustments

Neck Pain Relief

The care at The Listowel Chiropractic and Wellness Center is comprehensive yet specific for each of our family members. 

Dr. Kait had obviously reviewed our goals for care, and her recommendations were great. My kids are now excited about eating healthy and being active on a daily basis.

The clinic itself met our expectations and was very clean and comfortable. We are already looking forward to our family’s appointments next month!

- S. G. and B. G. 

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